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Map image of York county in Southern Maine

Land Acquisition

At Canbury Homes, our services extend beyond modular construction – we specialize in sourcing and securing the ideal land for your dream home. Whether you select from our exclusive inventory or have a specific lot in mind, with our innovative finance packages, we can purchase the land and bring your dream home to life.

Available Lots


Maine - York County

  • Berwick. ME

  • North Berwick, ME

  • Waterboro, ME

Unlock unique opportunities with our constantly evolving inventory of prime real estate. We specialize in the strategic buying and selling of lots that are exclusively available through us. Additionally, we boast access to vast expanses of privately owned land spanning thousands of acres in Southern Maine. As our inventory is in a constant state of flux, we invite you to reach out and call us for the latest details on currently available land parcels.

Create your dream home with Canbury Homes. Tell us about your ideas today and let us help you bring your vision to life!

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