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Frequently Asked Questions

Home much does my home cost?

Modular home pricing varies greatly. Home features and construction specifications are not standardized. House style, exterior design, floor plan,state mandated construction features, optional items, delivery, set and crane charges will affect your home's cost. As a general rule, the larger the house, the higher the overall cost but the lower the square foot cost. You must speak with a sales consultant to obtain accurate pricing information.

Can I change a "standard" floor plan?

Yes, we encourage modification and redesign.

Can you build from my plans?

Yes, with certain exceptions.

Can I design my own home?

Yes. The Craftsbury Company can assist you with design services.

How much of my home is "finished"?

Most homes are delivered and set 80% completed.

Can I be my own General Contractor?

Yes, however, each state has different requirements governing the building trades and professionals. You will be required to conform to these code requirements.

If I want to hire my own General Contractor, how do I select one?

Ask friends, relatives, home centers and the Yellow pages. The Craftsbury Company can also help you in this selection process.

After I order my house, when will it arrive?

Most homes are delivered within 6 to 7 weeks from the date the house order is received by the factory.

How long before I can move into my home?

House set usually requires one to two days. Most homes are completed within 8 weeks after set.

Who do I call for more information?

You Call the Canbury Homes, Inc. (207) 636-5500. You can also send them below.

To contact us, please click here.

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